Climate Action Partnership Endorses Junk Removal 123

Climate Action Partnership, a leader in climate change awareness, has just partnered with a national leader in the junk removal industry, Junk Removal 123. Junk Removal 123 has pioneered the way junk removal companies recycle a lot of the junk they haul away from houses. Junk Removal 123 has been able to reach a eighty percent threshold for recycling, which is amazing when you consider other junk removal companies only recycle about half of what they haul away from houses. Climate Action Partnership will be able to help Junk Removal 123 continue to thrive in the recycling business. They are heavy players within the government, who can no doubt help awareness about what they have done, and what they are trying to do in the junk removal industry.

Junk Removal 123 feels honored by the endorsement of Climate Action partnership, and feels very good about the partnership moving forward. There is nothing better that to be able to make a living and help the environment out at the same time. By helping to raise awareness about the pollution that hits our landfills, that don't necessarily need to be there is a a great step helping our climate out as a whole. If every junk removal company would follow Junk Removal 123 lead, that this world would be a much cleaner place to live.